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IFS Radio Network is an award-winning podcast from IFS, a globally recognized leader in developing and delivering enterprise software for customers around the world who manufacture and distribute goods, maintain assets, and manage service-focused operations. Join your hosts, Antony Bourne and Anders Lundin, as they interview highly-experienced, world-leading business experts, each bringing their unique perspectives and insights, and discussing business technology and software trends, management ideas and industry-specific issues. Read more at www.IFSWORLD.com.

Announcement of dates for the IFS World Conference 2015. Plus an in-depth discussion of wearable ERP software technology with IFS Labs guru David Andersson. How can wearables be used in ERP, enterprise asset management (EAM) software and field service management software

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As ISO Standards like ISO 5500 and ISO 14224 for the oil and gas industry gain steam, enterprise asset management (EAM) Software must help asset-intensive companies adapt. Here, IFS asset management expert Stefan Pervik makes the case for adopting EAM-related standards and offers insights for how EAM software can help.

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News of IFS focusing on the 2013 Annual Report and Q1 2014 financial results. Features comments from CEO Alastair Sorbie and CFO Paul Smith.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has a role to play in helping manufacturers complay with conflict minerals regulations. Here, IFS' own Bill Leedale, an APICS-certified expert and author of the APICS body of knowledge, shares thoughts on how relatively basic ERP functionality and specialized CSR solutions can help with conflict minerals rules like those in the US and those emerging in the European Union and elsewhere.

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IFS expert Stewart Hill shares insights on how advancing technology and highly optimized field service management and other service management software can improve the customer experience. Enterprise 2.0, scheduling optimizationmobile service and other topics are covered.

2012 IFS North America
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Breaking ERP, EAM and FSM software news from IFS, including new customer announcements in service management, oil and gas and power generation.

2012 IFS North America
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RCM II expert Mike Schultz of The Asset Performance Group offers a definition of RCM II (RCM2) and discusses the differences between RCM and RCM II. He also offers insights on the role of enterprise asset management (EAM) software.

2012 IFS North America
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IFS 2013 financial results and other news. Features commentary from CEO Alastair Sorbie and CFO Paul Smith.

2012 IFS North America
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ERP selection and implementation can be risky endeavors. So how can you avoid the unpleasant surprises that could potentially come with your ERP projects? In this episode, ERP consultant Mike Roman of Manufacturing Practices shares insights that will help you engineer the risk out of your selection and implementation project.

2012 IFS North America
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News from IFS including new automotive ERP customer, new customer Mid Counties Co-operative and study on the curent state of Enterprise 2.0

2012 IFS North America
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