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The use of new digital technologies in the industrial manufacturing industry is not new. In fact, manufacturers have been users of digital technologies for years. However, the term “digital transformation” is relatively new to the industry.

IFS Radio Network host, Anders Lundin, sits down with IFS’s Global Industry Director for Industrial Manufacturing, Antony Bourne, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the industrial manufacturing industry.

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Digital transformation—this the trend we are hearing about more each day. Buzz words like the internet of things (IoT), building information modeling (BIM) and digital construction are all related to digital transformation, too. This phenomenon has already begun transforming the construction, contracting and infrastructure industry and it will continue to do so more rapidly over the next few years.

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with IFS’s Global Industry Director for Construction & Contracting, Kenny Ingram, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the industry.

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