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It has been reported by the International Data Corporation (IDC) that the market for worldwide business analytics and big data technology services will grow to a whopping $200 billion by 2020. But why? And what does this mean for businesses?

In this IFS Radio Network podcast, Roy Wagemans, IFS’s Product Marketing Director, sits down with the Director of IFS Labs, Bas de Vos, to discuss how users of IFS solutions and products can use advanced analytics.


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We hear the term “Digital Transformation” being talked about quite a bit by the press. It’s something that is affecting companies in every industry, regardless of geographic location or industry. But what exactly does it mean for companies in the oil and gas industry? Who is responsible for it? How will it impact the industry?

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with the IFS Global Industry Director for Oil & Gas, Knut Møystad, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the oil and gas industry.

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Digital transformation as a whole is impacting every industry, every business, worldwide. Its impact on business includes new opportunities, new challenges and unbelievable benefits. For service providers, in particular, customers are benefitting as well. With each passing day, the service provider industry is providing better, faster and more automated service to their customers—and digital transformation has a lot to do it.

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with IFS Industry Director of Enterprise Service Management, Tom Bowe, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the service provider industry.

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As an industry, aerospace and defense (A&D) is no stranger to technology trends. For many years, A&D companies have embraced and taken advantage of new, innovative technologies such as 3D printing, wearable tech and virtual reality devices. Digital transformation, however, stretches far beyond new tech and into the heart of business strategies.

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with IFS’s Global Industry Director for the Aerospace and Defense Center of Excellence, Graham Grose, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the aerospace and defense industry.

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The use of new digital technologies in the industrial manufacturing industry is not new. In fact, manufacturers have been users of digital technologies for years. However, the term “digital transformation” is relatively new to the industry.

IFS Radio Network host, Anders Lundin, sits down with IFS’s Global Industry Director for Industrial Manufacturing, Antony Bourne, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the industrial manufacturing industry.

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Digital transformation—this the trend we are hearing about more each day. Buzz words like the internet of things (IoT), building information modeling (BIM) and digital construction are all related to digital transformation, too. This phenomenon has already begun transforming the construction, contracting and infrastructure industry and it will continue to do so more rapidly over the next few years.

IFS Radio Network host, Antony Bourne, sits down with IFS’s Global Industry Director for Construction & Contracting, Kenny Ingram, to discuss digital transformation and what it means for the industry.

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We live in a data driven world, and in business, almost every department relies on it to make decisions, develop strategies and to prove results. While it is an asset, sifting through data can be tedious and time consuming. As a result, organizations have turned to business applications to provide insight and automate the data analysis process.

These applications increase a company's visibility into their operation by collecting, organizing, and displaying data for actionable insights in real-time. Visual Insights, however, takes that process a step further by displaying that information visually in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-digest way. Visualization is the key to informed decision making for every department, for every level, company-wide.

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Martin Gunnarsson, Director of Product Strategies & IFS Labs, looks beyond today’s expectations of enterprise software in a keynote address at the IFS World Conference 2015 in Boston on May 8, 2015.

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Is the Internet of Things (IoT) a real thing or a lot of marketing hype? In this episode, IFS North America CTO Rick Veague offers a no-nonsense overview of IoT. And IFS Product Product Manager Andrew Lichey and Product Director Jorgen Rogde discuss how IoT is a real market force, specifically in field service management software.

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In this news episode, IFS CEO Alastair Sorbie and CFO Paul Smith review the Q4 2014 and full year 2014 financial results for IFS AB.

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